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Different from other medical service institutions, changmu China aims to establish the best medical service institutions in China, provide the best medical service for patients, and promote the research and development of medical technology.We deeply understand the importance of professionalism.For this long wood China is equipped with:

  • Overseas senior industry top medical professor;
  • Top medical research institutions abroad;
  • Top medical experts in China;
  • Domestic famous medical university as a cooperative institution;

Recommended by international authoritative experts

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Go abroad to see a doctor authoritative hospital

We only cooperate with the world's authoritative hospitals and institutions to provide authoritative overseas medical services for domestic patients

Massachusetts general hospital

Established in 1811, Massachusetts general hospital (MGH) is one of the three oldest hospitals in the United States. It is also the earliest and largest hospital in New England and the earliest and largest teaching hospital in harvard medical school.The hospital has more than 900 beds and 21,000 medical staff.Every year, 47,000 inpatients are admitted, 1.4 million outpatients are treated, 88,000 emergency patients are treated and 38,000 operations are performed.

The Mayo clinic

The Mayo clinic

Boston children's hospital

Boston children's hospital