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Long wooden medical management group (hereinafter referred to as the "long wooden China") is run by the international capital joint sino-us high-end medical experts jointly established in China's high-end professional medical service and the management machine, our business module includes establishing operating high-end general clinic, cross-border health, family, doctors, and mainly introduce the America's top medical research institute and laboratory of medical research.

As the main initiator, changmu China is set up by the top medical team at home and abroad and the experts of international capital operation.Changmu China has five independent business modules, including high-end general practice, cross-border medical treatment, family doctor, chronic disease management and medical research

Thanks to the company's good founding philosophy and the rich social resources of the founders, the company has been fully recognized and supported by numerous domestic medical experts and social resource personnel since the beginning of the preparation

At present, our shenzhen clinics and zhanjiang clinic is under preparation, is expected to put into operation in 2018, becoming the first landing project of long wooden plate professional clinic, so far to build your online O2O platform has long wooden medical, domestic numerous medical experts have come and support, for our professional clinic where technology, doctors and patients to provide powerful supplement source of resources.

In addition, we have also been invited to cooperate with Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine, China anti-aging promotion association and guangdong family doctor association. In the future, our professional clinics will be able to better combine medical care and health care and precisely enter the huge medical market.

Group Structure Setting

Long Wood Vision

Individualized services - each customer is a different individual and requires a customized solution. Based on the needs of customers, Changmu experts will work with customers to improve existing treatment plans, or create new solutions for customers to create new services and products. Our vision is to become the best professional medical service organization in the country, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the medical industry and to serve the society.

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